Art is my healer,
Art is my reason,
Art is my sanity,
Art is my love!

These visions from my heart and soul are presented for you to enjoy.

I started painting after a life altering accident which forced me into a confined lifestyle. To combat pain and overcome depression, I turned to art. Not sure of what style or medium I wanted to use, I experimented with all and continue to do so. I remember the colorful and expressive paintings of the “Florida Highwaymen” and decided to follow in their tradition. I am self-taught and each painting reflects my soul.

I mainly paint on canvas, canvas panels or paper. My subjects are landscapes, florals, abstracts and the people and life around me. I love the sea and the moon and both are frequent subjects.

I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia and enjoy painting the corners of the world that I can not visit. Join me on my journey!